The History of Punggek

Many has asked me this question "What is Punggek?" and to be honest, I never gave it a lot of thought.
But i remember my mother told me few years earlier that when I was small, I used to say the word a lot with my sister but the meaning it represent was not a good one. In the olden days, it was a taboo for kids to say bad words and we were brought up in a world where no bad word existed except the word "bad". We weren't even introduced to the word "beat" although we always got a good beating from our parents almost everday. So my mother told me that me and my sister created the word Punggek to fill the 'void' in our already limited volcabularly.

"I punggek you afterward!" is one of the example that would come out from our mean mouths. So the original meaning of Punggek is "beat". However, concerned with our creativity, my mother introduced us the the word "beat" and the word faded as suddenly as we invented it when.
But when i received a 'revelation' during SALT 1 in Brothers Bungalow to rejuvenate the word. Like in Genesis, when God breathed into Adams nostrils the breath of life, the word Punggek started to wake up in a totally different environment. Full of love, the word took another meaning in its second life.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things I found in a public washing machine...

4 and a half year spent in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia is a long time.

And having the luxury of vending washing machine provided in every dormitory gives me the privilege of weird experience.

The culture of using the washing machine was on a first come, first serve basis. However, in the occasion where the previous user is not on site and the machine has finish the cycle, the next user has the right to take the cloths out of the washing machine and put it in the previous user's pail, laundry basket or on the floor if none is found.

After taking out all the cloths, most of the times, there are weird things left in the machine as a result of not taking those things out before washing their cloths. Sometimes the machine is not used but there are stuffs left because the previous user fail to notice them after taking all their laundries.

Based on my experience, I had the "privilege" to find these stuffs in the washing machine before usage. These items can be divided into a few categories:

1. Scissors
2. Punchers

3. A bottle of starch glue
4. Table calendar

5. Scientific Calculator (Brand new and still in the packaging box)

6. Printer ink

7. Magnifying Glass
8. Mouse Pad

Electric Appliances
1. Computer Mouse
2. Table phone handle

3. A few keys from a computer keyboard

4. Water heater

5. A Wifi Modem (Stolen as it has the university's logo printed on it)

6. An Astro remote control

7. An electric pencil sharpener (I wanted to put it under the stationary category but since it is battery powered, I put it here)

Cooking Utensils
1. A pair of tongs

2. A small frying pan

3. A half empty bottle of cooking oil (And the machine was a bit oily and NO I did not use that machine later on, EVER AGAIN!)
4. An egg tray (Plastic)
5. Some forks (OMG cant imagine how the cloths came out after spinning with the forks)

Sports Equipments
1. A left side of a football boot
2. A baton

3. A half inflated rugby ball
4. An arrow

Weird Attires
1. A pair of brassier (In a guy's dromitory???????)

2. G-string (not matching the brassier above)
3. Condoms (And its USED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Hell yeah, I NEVER WENT NEAR THAT MACHINE EVER!!!

4. A chicken costume

5. An Ultraman Mask

Just Stuffs
1. A plastic chair's leg
2. A small flower pot

3. A door handles


melanie said...

seriously you found those things in washing machine?? most of it doesnt make sense. weird huh...

Jimmy Punggek said...

yup... i pindah banyak kolej...
1 year L30, KTHO
2 year XA2, K15
3 year G26, KRP
4 year XC2, K17
4.5 year XB1, K16
pengalaman paling AWESOME di UTM!!!!!!

Husna said...

banyak gila u jumpa.... flower pot pun ada..... adoiii